Andean Tapestries for Sale

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Beautiful Andean Tapestry Reimagined by Maximo Laura

As a fifth-generation Andean tapestry weaver, Maximo Laura has emerged as an award-winning, pre-eminent and unique South American tapestry weaver.

He lives and works in Lima, and uses his Peruvian personal history and ancestral knowledge to create contemporary art in the form of tapestry – weaving his life-long study of art history and literature with Andean techniques, symbols, memories, myths and rituals into beautiful Andean tapestry.

Not only is Mr. Laura an amazing weaver, creating contemporary art that has been enjoyed around the world – his tapestries are displayed in the World Bank in Washington DC, the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris and the National Museum of Peruvian Culture.

Since his first exhibition in 1985, there have been over 140 exhibitions in more than 29 countries.

Now, you can own a beautiful, contemporary Maximo Laura tapestry to bring some unique art into your space.

The Andean Tapestry Creation Process

Every Andean tapestry design starts as a small drawing. Mr. Laura works in themes based upon his ancestral history and scenes that mean something to him personally – so mythology and sea life scenes have several pieces dedicated to them.

The small drawing is then colorized – using either colored pencils or a computer. These images are then taken to the Color Laboratory and we then hand blend individual threads to create ‘butterflies’ of yarn in the correct shade. These bright and vibrant colored butterflies are solid colors mixed, creating new and beautiful shades.

The small, colorized drawing is then scaled up to the appropriate size of the finished piece – now known as the cartoon, this is the basis on which Mr. Laura’s hand trained weavers create the tapestry.

Each tapestry is handwoven on a floor loom, by one of a selected group of Master Weavers. These Master Weavers are trained by Mr. Laura, and all come from families with generations of history as weavers themselves.

Once the tapestry is completed – it can take a long time, depending on complexity – the tapestry is stretched to help elasticity and to reach the required final size, cleaned to make the colors shine, and a Certificate of Authenticity is stitched into the back.

When fully complete, it is the perfect blend of ancestral and contemporary, in one beautiful Andean tapestry.

How Can I Get My Own Tapestry In The Andrean Style?

In our store you can find some ideas of the themes that we are currently working on. Each tapestry is woven to order and can take 4-5 weeks to complete. But not just Andean tapestries for sale, you can choose from many styles such as Peruvian Wool Tapestry or a design from ourLuxury Tapestry collection.

When you have chosen your preferred design, you can pay at the time of ordering or when we complete and ship. Payment can be made using a debit or credit card, via bank transfer and through PayPal.

As we create your tapestry you will receive photographs from the loom, showing you the progress we are making and keeping you updated on the process.

Once we have completed, we ship your order via DHL Express, and we can ship internationally too!

If you are excited about owning your very own tapestry Andean or otherwise, then get in contact today so we can start weaving for you.

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  • Andean Reminiscence IISize: 47 x 31"

    Andean Reminiscence II
    Size: 47 x 31″

    $ 1,600
  • Ritual of the Andean CrossSize: 23 x 35"

    Ritual of the Andean Cross
    Size: 23 x 35″

    $ 790
  • Andean DawnSize: 47 x 47"

    Andean Dawn
    Size: 47 x 47″

    $ 1,790
  • Dwelling of the CondorSize: 47 x 31"

    Dwelling of the Condor
    Size: 47 x 31″

    $ 1,750
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